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Maximized efficiencies: Because of the speed and ease with which YUNO OTN can be modified and adjusted between operations, surgical eams can rapidly respond to changing situations saving time and costs. The exceptional stability and modularity of YUNO OTN enables precise patient positioning allowing surgeons to work effectively.
Unrivaled flexibility: The YUNO OTN provides hospitals with leading-edge operating table technology across three disciplines, providing for flexible use of operating rooms and more efficient training.
State-of-the-art technology: The YUNO OTN sets a new benchmark in the operating table arena—making it indispensable for surgeons and hospitals committed to professional excellence.

Excellent radiotranslucency for lower extremity, shoulder, and spine imaging
Unrestricted patient access
Ergonomic design
Excellent stability
Up to 1000 lbs patient weight, and up to 550 lbs patient weight with the use of an extension device
Flexible and modular structure for quick and simple modification


General features of the design:

1118.01: Pedal actuated hydraulic drive for the movement of height, tilting, and trendelenburg
1118.03: Electro hydraulically powered for movements of height, tilting, and trendelenburg Battery or mains supply (see electrical data)
Stable construction of the base with large twin-disk-castors for easy travel and manoeuvring
Base cover made of glass
fibre reinforced plastic – resistant to cracks, breakage and dis-infectants
Entire table top frame and column cladding are made of stainless Cr-Ni steel

Features and data on the table top:

Divided into 5 parts, i.e. head plate (optional), back plate, seat plate, and leg plates (optional)
SFC padding (Special Foam Core), thickness 80 mm
Guide rails for X-ray cassettes inserted from the head end
Reverse positioning of patients on a special shoulder plate (optional) that can be connected at the foot end of the table top

Electrical data:

Maintenance-free batteries pro-viding capacity for approximately one week of operation
Recharging of the batteries and supply of the OR table by means of a mains cord
Classification as per appendix IX of the regulation 93/42/EWG, class I
Nominal mains voltage (selectable) 100/110-115/ 127/200/220/230-240 V AC
Mains frequency, 50/60 Hz

Required accessories ALPHACLASSIC 1118.03:

1118.90A0 corded hand control

Required accessories (with PUR padding):

1130.64D0 head plate, inclinable, PUR padding
1118.50A0 pair of leg plates, can be folded down and spread – PUR padding

Required accessories (with SFC padding):

1130.64C0 head plate, inclinable, SFC padding
1118.50B0 pair of leg plates, can be folded down and spread – SFC padding

Optional accessories ALPHACLASSIC 1118.03:

1118.91A0 IR remote control
3110.26C9 Charging unit for the remote control
1009.81E1 Foot switch

Extra thick (80 mm) and tried and tested: Multi-layer SFC pads offer patients protection against pressure injuries and deliver noticeably more comfort

Even more safety: The safety catch for the head plate mounting point (passive lock)

Active unlocking when removing the head plate

Technical Specifications

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