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Aesculap Power Systems Acculan® 3Ti Sternum Saw

Aesculap, one of the leading suppliers of surgical motor systems, provides intelligent solutions for each surgical discipline. Our philosophy is to develop well-designed systems to make everyday surgical work easier: for the surgeon during the operation, for the operating team and for staff in charge of handling and sterilization. With the Acculan® 3Ti, we have addressed this challenge in a completely new way.

This is a machine that will convince you from the first second you touch it. The sleek, ergonomic shaped handle has amazing balance allowing optimal guidance and perfect grip. You will feel the difference.

The robust titanium housing is virtually indestructible.

Experience it for yourself: Acculan® 3Ti is a high-performance motor system for intuitive operation, meeting the highest standards of reliability, durability, economic and environmental responsibility.

The principle: a non-sterile battery Aesculap pioneered the use of non-sterile rechargeable batteries that never come into contact with the sterile external surfaces of the machine. Non-sterile batteries offer the advantages of a longer service life, support tight budgets and lower environmental impact.

Consequently, this design concept has now been widely accepted and emulated.

The difference is in the detail

Acculan® 3Ti avoids sterilization not only of the temperature-sensitive battery cells, but also of the equally vulnerable control electronics. This is accomplished by integrating the electronics into the battery itself...better for the equipment, better for your budget.

Maximum power

The innovative motor and control concept offers the kind of performance previously found only in our pneumatic or cable-driven systems. The Acculan® 3Ti provides 250 watts of consistent power where you need it, when you need it.

Easy To Operate

The Acculan® 3Ti is easy to operate. The simple, safe trigger design allows for maximum control. It includes an intuitive saw blade coupling mechanism so saw Automatic battery check

Automatic battery check

The battery charger automatically checks the condition of the battery after each charging cycle. It indicates when a battery shows declining performance and should be replaced.

Mechanical processing

With the ingenious ECCOS® storage system and the titanium shell, the Acculan® 3Ti is suitable for mechanical cleaning, even with alkaline cleaning media. And ECCOS® makes sure that the system is

Service label

Regular servicing is essential to ensure the reliability of motor systems over a long service life. The service labels clearly show when the next Aesculap service is due.

Intuitive operation

The interface between the titanium handpiece and the electronics within the battery, provides you with an audio signal that signifies that the system is ready for use.

GA674* Reciprocating Saw

GB436R Protection Guide for Sternotomy

GA673* Oscillating Saw

GA677 Charger

If you intend to charge Acculan® II batteries, please specify in your order how many Acculan® II charging bays GA677830 are to be installed.


GB600 Sterilit® Power Systems Oil Spray GA675 Lid
GA676 NiMH Rechargeable Battery for GA673, GA674 GA678 Sterile Funnel
GA679 Battery Removal Device

GB243R ECCOS® Set for 2 machines

GB244R ECCOS® Set for 1 machine

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