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Medical Gas Pipeline

Suction Controller Series incorporates a 0- 760mmHg gauge or 0-100Kpa, a control knob to regulate the aspiration flowrate and lever as a quick action on -off control to ensure operation of the vacuum pipeline at maximum efficiency.

Units are designed for minimum servicing and are compact, elegant and highly efficient in operation. Extensiv e use of polycarbonate and ny lon moulds has been made in the assembly to withstand hard usage & prov ide trouble f ree serv ice ov er a long time. The jar and the cap can be autoclav ed up to 136° C. The f luid control trap automatically and efficiently shuts off vacuum f ully prev enting the transfer of liquid to the v acuum regulator, pipeline and pump.The wall bracket permits instant remov al of the units f rom the wall. The length of the bracket is designed to enable jars to be unscrewed & changed without removing head f rom mounting. External connection accepts a wide range of suction tubing to be connected direct.

MOBILE FLOOR SUCTION TROLLEY can be constructed using suction accessories. Mobile theater suction was developed to prov ide a single mobile suction source. Designed with a low center of gravity to help prev ent tipovers. Provided with castor wheels and f ilter .

Vacuum Regulator

The UNI VAC Vacuum Regulator is a cost-effective, durable and user friendly device. It is constructed of brass, ABS and polycarbonate with a unique look and design. Designed for International markets.

A noiseless regulator with an attractive design that boost reliability. A built in filtration system to help protect the device. On / Off switch located on the outlet of the regulator allowing the last working pressure to be maintained. User-friendly design with a generously proportioned cont rol knob and readily identifiable settings for ease of use, even in emergency situations. Cost-effective solution to your patient care needs. The vacuum source connection shall be Ohmeda, Chemetron, Puritan-Bennett, DISS or any other available connection, depending on the type that is ordered.

S-VRL-U1-XX Def ines the type of connection required.
Please ment ion or send sample of connection w hen ordering.

1 = Tubing Nipple
2 = DISS Male
L = Low Vacuum
H = High Vacuum
E = ISO Colors
U = USA Colors

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