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Anaesthesia Vapouriser

The Anaesthesia vaporiser from Meditec combines ergonomic design with consistently accurate and reliable performance. Available in a wide range of fittings and agents, the Pisces vaporiser offers maximum reliability with the minimum of fuss.

Features :

The vaporizers are agent specific, color coded with clear agent level indications and tamper proof labeling.

Available in Halothane, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane & Enflurane

Filling Options Screw Fill, Key Fill or Quik Fil (Sevoflurane)

Compatible with Selectatec Backbar with Interlock or Cagemount

Stability Insured

Maintenance free

Clinical Performance

Due to design improvements in the gas pathways, the vaporiser excels in output stability over a wide range of variables and can work in the most extreme conditions.

Gives superb performance over a wide range of vapour concentration, temperature, particularly at low flows.

MRI Compatible

vaporiser is designed and manufactured for MRI use. Can be used safely up to a 1000 gauss line.

Accuracy and stability

All vaporisers are calibrated on a laser refractometer and are fully temperature compensated to ensure output stability.

vaporisers are precision engineered in manufacture, fully tested and quality assured to comply with the most stringent of standards.


The vaporiser is available for Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane, and Enflurane anaesthetic agents.

A range of mounting systems make it compatible with either Selectatec backbars with interlock, Cagemount.

The truly flexible vaporiser designed to be compatible with other manufacturers’ systems.

To minimize filling frequency, the vaporiser accommodates 250 ± 25 ml of anaesthetic agent.

The dials turning easily with small graduations helps to fine tune anaesthetic delivery over the full range of dial setting and flow rates


All vaporisers are colour-coded, have clear agent-level indicators and a tamper proof label for complete security.


Constructed from specially selected materials, the vaporiser is resistant to wear from anaesthetic agents and the lack of moving parts within the vaporiser itself ensures that the product is extremely robust.

Ergonomically Designed

The vaporiser has been designed to be simple to use. Its ‘pull and turn’ dial allow single hand operation and enables the chosen output concentration to be easily read.

Technical Specification

  Height Width Depth Weight (Approx) Agent Capacity
Retention by Wicks 60ml
Selectatec with Interlock 240mm 114mm 220mm 7.35 kg 250ml ± 25ml
Cagemount 238mm 134mm 200mm 6.80 kg 250ml ± 25ml
Drager Plug-In 249mm 110mm 230mm 7.20 kg 250ml ± 25ml
Output Accuracy

5 Lpm O @ 21 C ± 2 C 2
Vaporiser 5% ±0.25 of the delivered agent or ± 15% of the dial setting (whichever is greater)
Vaporiser 8% ±0.4 of the delivered agent or ± 15% of the dial setting (whichever is greater)
Calibrated at sea level

Performance Reliability

Performs with gas flow rates from 0.2 - 15 lpm

Environmental Specification

Temperature 15'C to 35'C
Humidity 30% to 75% relative humidity.
Works consistently in altitudes upto 2440m above sea level

Vaporiser Types

5% 6% 8%
Filler Type
Filler Type
5% 6% 8%
Filler Type
5% 7%
Filler Type
Screw Keyed Screw Keyed Quik Fil® Screw Keyed Screw Keyed
Selectatec with Interlock Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
(ISO 23mm tapers)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drager Plug-In Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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